Infrastructure design

  • Infrastructure for development sites
  • Site access and paved areas
  • Parking design
  • In ground services coordination
  • Civil structures including retaining walls

 Drainage design

  • Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) including ponds and swales
  • Attenuation design and soakaways
  • Foul drainage systems including section 104 sewers to adoptable standards
  • Section 185 sewer diversions
  • Below building drainage

 lake 3

carpark swale


Highways design

  • Highway improvements and junctions
  • Site access
  • Section 38 and 278 works
  • Specification writing to Specification for Highway Works
  • Traffic signs and roadmarkings


  • Site remodulation and levels design
  • Earthworks Cut and Fill modelling
  • Earthworks advice